About Adenoids…


Do you have a problem snoring, or recurring sinusitis? Then you may be experiencing some difficulties with adenoids. Adenoids are glands that can be found at the roof of the mouth. Infection can lead to the enlargement of these glands, which can lead to breathing difficulties and ear infection in the future.



Here are some facts concerning adenoids:

  1. We all born with them, they shrink in adolescence and on occasion can even disappear completely by adulthood.
  2. They are lymph nodes in the junction between the nose and throat. In fact they are like a third tonsil, and doctors sometimes remove adenoids and tonsils together depending on the infection.
  3. You only need to remove them if they cause disease! Many times adenoids cause no issues. However, should infection arise the procedure to take them out has a very high success rate.
  4. X-rays can give you an idea of their size. Although x-rays are not 100 percent accurate, they help doctors judge whether problems may arise in the future due to size.
  5. Adenoids cause disease by blocking the airways (often leading to breathing difficulties in children). They also clog the Eustachian tubes that link your middle ear to your nose, which causes ear infection and can affect hearing in children.


(Disclaimer – This blog is not a substitute for medical care)

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